Construction of the new Speech Therapy Center

Construction of the new Speech Therapy Centre under an “all trades” contract - gross area of 12.000m2.

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Realization of a vertical link

Pfaffenthal - Ville Haute.

Realization in all trades of a panoramic lift high 78 meters with a 76 meters long metal footbridge between the Pfaffenthal and the Ville Haute (Parc Pescatore).

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Delivery of a cross-border bridge

Grevenmacher - Wellen (D)

Winner of "engineering prize" and the "public prize" at the "Concours de Construction Acier 2015"

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Renovation & upgrading works


Transformation and upgrading works of the Integration Centre for the elderly "op der Rum".

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Construction of a school building

Lycée Athénée in Luxembourg.

Area of 15,000 m2, prefabricated concrete structure for the 5 wings built around a central core of exposed concrete.

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Development and delivery of a hundred housing

Bettembourg - "Cité du Soleil".

Development and construction of a new parcelling of a hundred housing:

* Construction in collaboration with a partner.


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CDCL Fondation Ste Zithe Chèque 13032017

Une belle preuve de responsabilité sociétale

14 March 2017
La CDCL continue son engagement pour  la Fondation Ste Zithe et les projets au Malawi C’est pour la 6ième année consécutive que la CDCL... Read more
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CDCL recrute : 1 stagiaire logistique

08 February 2017
CDCL S.A. – Compagnie de Construction Luxembourgeoise – est un acteur majeur dans le secteur de la construction. Depuis quatre génération,... Read more
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08 February 2017
CDCL SA, a major construction company in Luxembourg, is recruiting a: QUANTITY SURVEYOR (M/F) With a minimum 2-year higher education... Read more



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CDCL s.a. is a major player in the construction industry in the Grand Duchy. With its subsidiary CDCL Promotions SARL, the CDCL Group now has nearly 600 employees.

Our profession is changing more and more every day. New forms of know-how are appearing, along with a rapid change in technology, all of which requires us to constantly update our knowledge. Projects are becoming increasingly complex and we have to deal with more and more intermediaries and heavier constraints.

We have the ability to develop innovative, effective solutions and offer our clients all our expertise and know-how to help them complete even their most ambitious projects.

To achieve greater flexibility and speed of response, we have set up two separate logistics centres that allow us to provide an efficient equipment service for all our sites (e.g. trucks, machinery, formwork equipment, framework, etc.).

Our areas of expertise cover residential, highway structures and civil engineering, functional structures, renovation and upgrading, roads and utilities, earthworks and demolition, industrial works and logistics.

We design, implement and accompany your construction projects through every phase: feasibility, studies, development, construction, commissioning and guarantee. We have also developed our own property development and project finance activity.

Our known strengths are our reactivity and flexibility in covering the logistical and equipment needs on our sites through our logistics centres.


To enable CDCL to become a visible, recognized player in the property development sector and improve its positioning in the construction sector, this activity, which the group initiated in 2007, has been handed over to a separate subsidiary: CDCL Promotions SARL.

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