Residence, Luxembourg Belair

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Ideally located in the heart of the Belair district, in a calm and leafy park, Domaine Petit Parc offers a serene setting just a stone's throw from the centre of the capital. Set in a vast private park, the project consists of three residential buildings with contemporary, timeless architecture, comprising 65 exceptional homes ranging from studio apartments to penthouses.
The outdoor facilities link the building to its green surroundings and provide a transition between private and public spaces. The project develops the idea of a communal garden, offering a high-quality, intimate and relaxing space. Housed in a secluded, elegant pavilion in the heart of the landscaped grounds, the fitness centre offers all residents a privileged place to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body.

An exceptional project:
Natural stone façades express sophisticated elegance through their clean architectural lines and the use of high-quality materials with meticulous finishes. The architectural ensemble exudes refinement and timelessness.
The interior layout of each home has been perfectly designed to provide unconditional comfort for its occupants. The high ceilings lend a majestic character to the interior of the homes. All these living spaces are open-plan, with large bay windows and spacious loggias offering views of the park and surrounding area. The homes are fully equipped with upgradable home automation systems and state-of-the-art heating and ventilation technology, helping to enhance residents' quality of life.

The neighbourhood:
The location of this neighbourhood is enviable in more ways than one. Its central location on the outskirts of the city centre protects it from pollution while still immersing it in the abundance of local services that make everyday life so much more pleasant. Needless to say, Domaine Petit Parc is within easy reach of major roads, motorways, railways and the airport.

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