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Office space available for rent

Concerned about the environment and the climatic challenges affecting the property sector in particular, the CDCL group has decided to build its headquarters as a showcase for its eco-responsible expertise, in execution of a patent that it holds exclusively in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg ( using a hybrid construction method (i.e. using prefabricated wood-concrete modules with integrated technology), with favourable properties in terms of environmental sustainability, circular economy and consumption of resources (e.g. heat energy, electricity, water) during both the construction and operating phases. The building was completed in early 2022.

The use of wood in offices creates an atmosphere of well-being that users enjoy every day.

Right from the design stage, the owner of the ALLEGRA building set itself the objective of reducing the rental charges borne by the building's occupants as much as possible.

This objective has been achieved by installing specific equipment and complying with specific processes such as:
• rainwater harvesting
• heat production using heat pumps fed by geothermal boreholes
• charging points for hybrid/electric vehicles
• photovoltaic roof panels
• rooftop solar panels
• a class ABA energy passport
• a BREEAM "Very Good" certification

Availabilities: Office space from 37 m2 upwards.

Please contact Mrs RIVAS,
for a tour of the building or to find out about the office spaces available for rent.

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