The future incubator in Bissen


9 January 2024

The future incubator at the Luxembourg Automobility Campus in Bissen will be cradle-to-cradle certified.

Currently under construction, the new Bissen incubator, built for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and which will house start-ups active in intelligent mobility and research in the automotive sector, already has all eyes on it!

Thanks to the CREE system, it will offer a host of benefits in a particularly modern and colourful architectural envelope.


The building has been designed to evolve over time as it is used. Everything has been planned so that workspaces can be enlarged or an extra floor can be built, in order to grow in line with the development of the campus’s activities.


Featuring a rainwater harvesting system and a heating network powered entirely by renewable energies, this new building aims to be a true model of environmental conservation.


The CREE system is 100% demountable and reusable, and promotes the use of healthy materials and rational management of resources. It will also enable the future incubator to be cradle-to-cradle certified. A label, often associated with the principle of upcycling, which prioritises the creation of value. Recover, regenerate, reintegrate!


It’s also worth noting that, thanks to prefabrication and on-site assembly, not only can we optimise control over the quality of the components, but also site management and the time taken to complete the work. For this building, with a total gross surface area of 5300 m2, all the CREE elements were installed in just 72 days. An obviously substantial time saving!

We are particularly proud of this project, which should serve as a precursor and model for future constructions.