Workshops of June 12 and 13

CDCL S.A. and CREE Luxembourg's first participation successes

As part of its "Building Tomorrow" vision, CDCL S.A inaugurated on June 12 and 13 its first workshops on "How will hybrid construction change the way we build?". Organised with the help of CREE by Rhomberg, these workshops were attended by numerous participants, including architects, engineers, project owners and promoters.

The experts from CDCL S.A, CREE by Rhomberg, Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten and E3CONSULT addressed a wide range of hybrid construction topics. Thus, participants were able to discover all aspects of a hybrid construction, from the project to the design and financial study.

The topics discussed generated positive and enriching exchanges between speakers and participants, which continued in a less formal but equally professional atmosphere, around a buffet dinner.

These first workshops were a real success and reinforce CDCL's conviction in the relevance of an innovative approach to the future vision of construction in Luxembourg.

June 12th 2018

June 13th 2018

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