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The "Summerhill" Residence is situated in a prime location, facing the green fields on top of the Hamm district and overlooking Luxembourg city's distinctive silhouette. CDCL designed this residence by blending it perfectly into the village landscape afforded by its location. Equally it embraces contemporary architecture by its choice of using robust and timeless materials. Situated in front of the city's entrance and facing nature, "Summerhill" offers its residents unique access to two very distinct worlds. The "Summerhill" Residence has some fifteen exceptional properties.


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Suite aux nouvelles mesures prises par notre Gouvernement en vue de préserver la santé de tous, nous vous informons que notre siège sera fermé dès ce jeudi 19 mars jusqu’au vendredi 3 avril inclus.

Durant cette période, tous vos interlocuteurs habituels restent bien évidemment joignables par e-mail ou téléphone portable.

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