CDCL participates in the expansion of the Woiwer school campus

CDCL was involved in the project to extend the Differdange school.

In order to cope with the growing population in the Woiwer district in Differdange, the City decided to increase the amount of school accommodation.

CDCL took part in the construction of a new three-storey school building consisting of :

  • On the ground floor: three preschool classrooms, a small playroom, an indoor playground and outdoor playground.
  • Second floor: a library, a playroom, two dining rooms and a music room.
  • Second floor: three classrooms, toilets and teachers' facilities

The new structure was designed to make it easier to implement the 'Weltatelier' educational concept that the Differdange childcare centres are in the process of adopting.

Working with CDCL

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