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Georges Thill, General Manager at CDCL, took part in the "Building Tomorrow" writing project proposed by Infogreen and 4x3. CDCL shares with readers its vision of the buildings of tomorrow, intelligently thought out and engineered.

"Over the past ten years, Luxembourg has seen its population grow by about 10,000 people per year. According to Eurostat, our country will have 1 million residents in 2080. A growth that brings a challenge, especially for housing and the building sector as a whole. And that doesn't take in account the need for commercial or administrative infrastructure. The city of tomorrow should consider a number of issues such as raising awareness of sustainability, the efficient and intelligent use of energy resources and the adaptation of a building to its environment.

CDCL - Compagnie de Construction Luxembourgeoise - would like to be an actor of effective change. Our general construction company is expanding its activities and offering innovative products in response to environmental issues. Conventional construction methods involve a complex process that results in high costs, long construction sites and considerable construction risks. The building sector stands for about 40% of total energy and resource consumption, 40% of total waste and CO2 production and 60% of the world's transport volume.

We are currently working on optimizing our processes through different axes. The creation of a Lean unit will allow us to efficiently monitor our general planning, anticipate the prerequisites of our subcontractors and reduce timelines. The same applies to areas such as the Design & Build pillar, which offers full project management and the development of hybrid construction.

This last point consists in building better, using renewable materials. We recently announced a partnership with CREE GmbH, a specialist in hybrid construction. This is part of a sustainable vision of construction, thanks to the use of traditional materials under a prefabricated modular wood-concrete system. Results: reduced lead times, lower carbon footprint and positive environmental impact.

We also ensure the awareness and the encouragement ecological construction in a more traditional concept. A building such as the Technical High School for Health Professions in Ettelbruck (Public Building Administration) is a good example. It is a positive energy pilot project in which the choice of materials was made, in particular, on ballasted columns instead of concrete piles, on a wooden construction or on clay panels for the interior partitions. In the long run, the building will produce more energy than it consumes.

Find out more on the Infogreen website.

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