Highway structures and civil engineering

Civil engineering projects and engineering structures require the most advanced expertise to ensure precision and functionality.

Our know-how, combined with our mastery of the most sophisticated construction techniques and processes used in civil engineering structures, allows us to build small, medium and large-scale railway, road and river structures. These can be underground or take the form of dams or bridges.

Civil engineering and engineering structures need to be able to integrate perfectly into our cities.

Our constant endeavour is to provide users with more functional comfort and improve their daily wellbeing. This motivation, combined with our passionate taste for aesthetics, drives us to work tirelessly to enhance our living environment so that we can pass on these structures as hallmarks for future generations.

  • Railway networks
  • Road networks
  • Development of fluvial axes

These different networks can also benefit from CDCL's know-how in underground network construction, dams, bridges and tunnels, as well as the integration of technical and / or technological devices aimed at optimizing the mobility of the various transport routes.

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