Functional buildings

Structures and constructions that affect public life must be innovative and adapted to new uses.

CDCL is a preferred partner of choice for the construction of public buildings. The thoughtful analysis CDCL applies to each project enables them to provide innovative and customised solutions for constructing works which affect public life.

Construction of school buildings

  • Elementary
  • middle and junior high schools
  • high schools
  • childcare centres

Construction of cultural and sports facilities

  • Museums and theatres
  • sports centres
  • gymnasiums and swimming pools

Construction of hospitals

  • Hospitals
  • clinics
  • homes for the elderly
  • nursing homes
  • retirement homes

Construction of commercial buildings

  • Supermarkets and shopping centres
  • hotels
  • banks
  • breweries and garages

Construction of production or maintenance centres

  • Data centres
  • production and storage units
  • aircraft maintenance hangars

Construction of public works

  • Judicial buildings
  • administrative buildings
  • conference centres
  • laboratories
  • stations
  • car parks

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