Building tomorrow

Our corporate culture is based on solid values, developed and strengthened over decades, a strong tradition, a strong commitment and a permanent will to innovation. CDCL projects its values into a vision for the future, "Building Tomorrow".

CDCL is attentive to markets, technical and technological developments in the fields of modeling, materials and construction, and is converging its Socially Responsible Enterprise policy with its vision of tomorrow's construction.

We meet today's new challenges for tomorrow's achievements. Buildings that are part of a sustainable vision, energy control and use of innovative materials in environmental matters.

The vision applied by CDCL in order to respond concretely to future challenges in construction

Developing territory and enabling human development in our cities must be part of a vision for the future. For CDCL, construction must be considered from all perspective of its life cycle in order to withstand the challenges that will arise tomorrow.

CDCL uses state-of-the-art technology to visualize tomorrow's construction

To meet major challenges and best meet demographic, ecological and economic challenges, CDCL uses a highly accurate modelling technology. This technological support added to the skills of our research-oriented teams enables us to deliver buildings that already meet the way we will build, live and move tomorrow.

"The high level of competence of our teams is reinforced by our high-precision technological tools and an unprecedented partnership. »

Tomorrow's buildings must better serve people

The purpose of any type of construction is the use that will be made of it by humans. As such, CDCL develops buildings whose situation, mobility, safety and well-being of occupants and users are the basis of reflection. Thus, whether they are administrative buildings, civil engineering works, commercial, industrial, functional or residential buildings, they all benefit from a reflection in order to improve human comfort.

CDCL is involved at all levels to preserve the environment.

One of CDCL's means of action applied to all its construction projects to preserve the environment is to rationalize the use of raw materials. CDCL designs its buildings by substituting polluting materials as soon as possible in order to make sustainable and ecoresponsible choices. Before being selected, materials must meet the highest standards and ensure the irreproachable quality of all our constructions.

"CDCL realizes an eco-responsible vision that reinvents tomorrow's construction. »

Allowing buildings to better integrate into their environment is also a major challenge. Developing a vision for the future and considering the future of a site is essential to integrate a civil engineering structure into the landscape, to design a new residential area or to add a new office building in a city.

A partnership between CDCL and CREE by Rhomberg to revolutionize construction methods

CDCL's vision is also expressed through the partnership with CREE by Rhomberg. Today, our hybrid wood construction projects take advantage of the modular wood-concrete system that has revolutionized the world of construction. This unique approach makes it possible to develop large-scale projects that offer every guarantee in terms of quality consistency, respect for deadlines and cost control.


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