Bouquet festival at Rouden Eck

Despite a well-established myth, Friday 13 July was equated to a moment of great joy at Rouden Eck. CDCL Promotions and Tracol Immobilier celebrated the bouquet festival, marking the end of the structural works. Since December 5, 2016, a construction team comprising of 20 to 50 workers has been assigned to excavation, sheeting and structural works. The bouquet festival was therefore an opportunity to bring together the various project stakeholders and to thank CDCL employees for their work. The speeches by Marc Ketter (Managing Director of CDCL Promotions) and Marco Sgreccia (Co-founder of Tracol Immobilier) were followed by a meal and a site visit.

Located at the corner of boulevard du Jazz and avenue Porte de France, the Rouden Eck mixed-use building falls within the growing Belval site. It will accommodate over 13,000 m² of retail space (3,150 m²) including the ALDI supermarket, office space (3,600 m²), apartments (3,300 m²) but also an Apartment Hotel owned by the "Réside Études" Group (75 rooms). Two basement floors will be dedicated to parking spaces for residents and customers of the future businesses. Featuring a high standing architecture with advanced materials, this building is adhering to the latest environmental standards with perfect insulation (AAA).

This sunny morning marked the start of the next stages of development, namely the installation of a façade recognizable by its "rusty-coloured" appearance, the interior and exterior fittings. Works completion scheduled for June 2019.


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