Our values

The construction company CDCL has developed thanks to its strong values based on the notion of trust.

A responsible construction company

We are reliable and fully in control of our projects and building sites. We take responsibility for our choices and decisions in the respect of our stakeholders and of the interests of all parties concerned. We know how to keep our commitments and we work together to tackle difficult situations.

CDCL is a construction company with integrity.

Our answers seek to be fair and fitting. We want to build long-lasting relationships with our partners. We seek win-win solutions. Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers.

" CDCL's core values are our best assets to meet tomorrow's challenges."

CDCL is a construction company that is open-minded and willing to listen.

Every day we demonstrate our ability to listen and our willingness to dialogue. Exchanging and sharing inspires us and are our best allies. We know how to question ourselves when necessary and we want to keep moving forward.

An innovative construction company

We persevere and show courage. The quest for conquest pushes us to surpass ourselves, to take initiatives and to continually renew ourselves. Our passion for entrepreneurship is intact; creativity and innovation are more than ever the driving forces behind our actions.

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