Our QSE responsibility

Strict compliance with our Quality - Safety - Environment (QSE) policy contributes to CDCL's constant development.

While we pay attention to addressing concerns and requirements for our employees' health and safety and respecting the environment, we implement our best practices and expertise to ensure our clients' complete satisfaction.

Quality is the key word inherent in each of our constructions

  • We always endeavour to satisfy our customers and stakeholders by delivering projects that meet our commitments, particularly in terms of quality and turnaround time.
  • We always aim to improve ourselves by constantly questioning our ability to respond to any new challenges in the construction sector.

Health and safety in the workplace is a priority for CDCL

  • Guaranteeing people's personal safety.
  • Ensuring risk prevention.
  • Maintaining our control of emergency situations related to incidents or accidents on construction sites.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory and other occupational health and safety requirements.

Respect for the environment also requires thought on the rational use of raw materials.

  • Controlling our impact on the environment.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory and other requirements.
  • Strengthening CDCL/CREE's partnership and proposing hybrid wood constructions that guarantee better resource management and increase respect for the environment.

Improving our organisation and the effectiveness of our objectives are regularly checked, analysed and, if necessary, readjusted by our quality department and supervised by management.

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