A story of trust

3 questions for Jean-Marc Kieffer, managing director:

Luxembourg's historical roots are very often emphasised by CDCL managers. How important are these roots in a global context?

Jean-Marc Kieffer: These historical roots is reflected in the values that we have lived by daily, since the company was founded in 1979. Integrity, rigour and precision are essential values for us. In fact, our history has always been focused on trust as its cornerstone. This means trust in our abilities, as we like to inspire in others in this context, our relationship with our clients must be built on trust.

If you talk about trust, you are no doubt also thinking about the women and men who have made and are making CDCL what it is today?

Jean-Marc Kieffer: Yes, indeed. We owe the company’s solidity and strength to these women and men. CDCL is what is because of their commitment. Not only the commitment of the employees who work every day on our sites, but also those people working in our technical and administrative departments, who all offer our clients their expertise and know-how. These are the people who support our clients during every stage of a project.

The world is changing, technologies are evolving, the demands related to sustainable development are increasing. How do you confront all these challenges?

Jean-Marc Kieffer: You need to have the necessary skills within your company if you are going embark on a major infrastructure project, for example. But to have these skills, you need to invest in innovation and especially employee training. This is what we do. I would also like to emphasise the important role of environmental responsibility in our profession. We’re aware that our projects have a significant impact on the environment and we always comply with strict rules covering everything from the choice of materials to implementing a sorting policy, from the design stage of a project to its delivery. We are a responsible player, which is what also guarantees our long lifespan. In short, we want to build a future together based on this trust.

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